Google Gadgets: Frisbee Freestyle Photos (EN)

English Version (italian version here)

Google Gadgets are plugin available on google home page,
for customizing your home search with news, photo, weather, games, webcam e many more.

Google Gadget Frisbee Freestyle Photos Example

The Frisbee Freestyle Photos Gadget is a random photo viewer,
actually display photos from ‚?¨Ň?decades gallery‚?¨¬Ě di
and from the old random gallery of .

I’ll develop very soon a flickr customizable source and the freestyledisc gallery.

Check this page for updates.

Update 26/03/2007
The Google Gadget FF url is changed, you need to remove the actual gadget in your homepage and re-add the Freestyle Frisbee Photo Gadget hitting the button “Add to Google” again.

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